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Don't forget the Karen Hornbecker Memorial Fund for injured riders


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Never Forget

2017 Race License and Medical Contact form.
CLICK HERE to download forms

We would like to sincerely apologize for the unfortunate series of events that caused the banquet to be  canceled on 11/12/16. We are looking forward to celebrating this years Loudon Road Race Series Banquet on the rescheduled date!


The Banquet date will be on Saturday, February 4th, 2017 at the Crowne Plaza in Nashua. The event will be held in their ballroom at 6:00 PM. Dinner will be served at 6:30 PM with the presentation starting promptly at 7:00 PM. 

There is a room block at the Crowne Plaza at a rate of $109. Please ask for New Hampshire Motor Speedway when booking.

Attached is the new registration form. Please fill it out if you plan on coming to the rescheduled event. If you are no longer able to come to the Banquet, your account will be refunded. If you do choose to come to the event and have already paid, please fill out the form and check the "Use 2016 Account Credit" Box and we will apply your previous payment to the February 4th event. If you have signed up for Karting, your account is in the process of being refunded.


With questions or concerns,
please contact Kayla Arguin at 603-513-5795  or  

Best Regards,
LRRS - NHMS Customer Service

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For those of you who did not know Larry Hanlon back in his racing days and to read his story of recovery CLICK ON photo below.

A very sucessful Friends of Larry Magic Mile Tour
was September 11th during the LRRS event.
CLICK HERE for video

(I will get the exact number soon but I believe we raised over $4,000 this weekend) Thank you to New Hampshire Motor Speedway for their support through their

We  ran out of all but a few XL Tee-Shirts but Larry will be bringing his stock of vintage Lap shirt from previous  years to the next event. Also if we get enough people who would like one of this years design we may be able to have more printed. (will get back to you on this).  If you or your comapny would like to contribute Checks can be made out to Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire - BIANH  (Click on the image above for more information about Larry and way his cause is so important to him)

Same Schedule for all race events of 2016 - CLICK HERE
Check Out the 2016 LRRS Rule Book - CLICK HERE

Information on the LRRS Spec Fuel rules.

Some may not completely understand why we have a "Spec" fuel rule at LRRS so a quick explanation. The primary reason we set this up was to level the playing field. Years ago it was getting the point that very expensive laboratory produced highly toxic internal combustion fuels were becoming common place.  Even if a $50 per gallon fuel would not actually get most people on the box they felt that they must spend the money and use it. This was making club racing more expensive and dangerous due to the toxicity of the fuels being used. So at the time we decided that only fuels that could, by state law, legally be imported into the state of New Hampshire could be used. This eliminated all the highly toxic and expensive products. To make it fair for all competitors we have worked an arrangement with Sunoco who is a track and LRRS sponsor. In this way the fuel available is of consistent quality and a fair price.

Some useful infomation available at these links below.


Have you checked out the new Penguin Racing School Website and our membership programs? Click Image

2016 License Application
Click on links below to print

2016 License Application

2016 Medical Contact Form

2016 Sponsor Contingency Listing


Please mail your license application to:

Brenda Leonard
LRRS Director
1122 Route 106 North
Loudon, NH 03307

    Penguin Racing School
      News and Special events 

below for more information

The Penguin School has Events coming up soon that should not be missed.
This is No Game . . . This is RoadRacing!
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All information concerning LRRS can be found at the on the web site at this addess:


The easiest was to find this information is via the links below for all results, schedules and other important information (which can be found by clicking on the download tab)

We are working hard to make your experience at LRRS better. As of last year we have the new online registration, better camping with hookups, a new shower facility and major changes to the track itself have been made.

We have had many riders asking about sponsorship listings on the race results. These can be input through you user screen when logged in.
CLICK HERE for some information on this procedure.

Note: NHMS Information
Non NASCAR Event Camping Rules - CLICK HERE

Racer Feedback - If you have any thoughts, concerns or constructive criticism on how the LRRS is run or could be improved please CLICK HERE to create an email while it is fresh in your mind.

Glen Piro
back from
Thank you to all our veterans for your service!
Tentative Dates
2017 Schedule
April 29-30
May 20-21
June 16-18 Loudon Classic
July 29-30
August 12-13
September 9-10
October 7-8
Penguin Race School Schedule
School and practice Friday before all LRRS Events
See Web Site for Details on these additional events.

RRS License Renewal


LRRS Office address:

Operations Coordinator


LRRS Series Director

Mailing address:  

P.O. Box 7888

Shipping address:  1122 Route 106 North

Loudon, NH  03307

Direct line: (603) 513-5734


GPS Lap timer
by Qstarz

Recorder and lap analyzing tool.

Have you been bad? Do you have a Transmitter you forgot to turn in when you left the last race? Send it to:
New Hampshire International Speedway, 1122 Route 106 North,
Box 7888 Loudon, NH 03307
Attn: Brenda Leonard (603) 513-5734 or  

If your into writing articles or tune up tips or what ever, LRRS racing related and would like it posted to our site send it along and I'll start some new departments. If you have info you would like to see included, pictures, tuning tips, links, whatever, contact us at the track or e-mail

Are you looking for something else to do while you are in New Hampshire for the race weekend. CLICK HERE for information.
Welcome to New Hampshire Happenings

Don't forget the Karen Hornbecker Memorial Fund for injured riders.
Who was Karen Hornbecker
People have e-mailed and asked us to link to their site.  No problem, but please supply name of site and www address so I do not have to guess. (related sites only)
Thinking of starting Road Racing? CLICK HERE for tips on getting started. The Penguin Racing School and a few LRRS racers vacationed in Homestead, FL to do a little racing an relaxing by the pool. Check out these pictures.

How do I get to NHIS?    [ Yahoo! Maps ]
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They Donate the #1 plates handed out at the Awards Banquet

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