2008 LRRS & CCS Contingencies
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Important Please Read:
I need to get the word out to all riders about contingency requirements. In order to be eligible for any contingency the sponsors do require that you list them as a one of your personal sponsors.

This is done by filling out a sponsor listing sheet not the contingency verification sheet. Be sure to turn those in before your races so that everything is properly listed and you receive the money owned. Normally it is a blue form but you can print it out from on-line
http://www.ccsracing.us/forms.html and turn it in.

Yes I know this is a change for the Northeast region as there had not been a place to list sponsors in the past, this has changed this year per the sponsors requirements.

2008 Contingency Sponsors

Bridgestone Tires




EBC Brakes



Kawasaki Motorcycles


Pirelli Tires

Pit Bull

Power Stands




Vesrah Brakes


VP Racing Fuels



Eric Kelcher
Director of Competition
Championship Cup Series
American Sportbike Racing
(817) 246-1127
(817)246-2977 fax

How contingencies work:
First: If required you must sign up with the manufacturers. You can do this by going to their web site (click on their logo above) and obtaining the form. This is usually a one time process and should be done at the beginning of the season to avoid problems down the road.

Second: You must obtain and fill out a claim form at Tech. inspection. A new form is required every weekend. Your bike will then be inspected to insure you meet all the proper requirements. (Tires, stickers etc.)

At the conclusion of the weekend LRRS will submit all results, whether printed or by spread sheet, and the contingency forms to CCS for processing. The Loudon Road Race Series does not deal directly with any sponsor.

If you do not hear from a sponsor within a reasonable amount of time you should contact CCS at 817-246-1127.

VANSON “ROOKIE OF THE YEAR”: The Vanson Rookie of the Year is presented to a rider that earns the most points during the current LRRS race season on the criteria listed as follows:

1.     The rider must start the 2012 season as a Novice.

2.     The rider must advance to the next rider level when advancement criteria are met according to the rules in Section 5 of the 2012 LRRS Rulebook.

3.     Novice points are not counted.

4.     Amateur points will be counted in races where the rider finished in the top 5.

5.     Expert points will only be counted in races where the rider finished in the top 10.

a.     If the eligible rider wins a first place position in his first expert race the rider will then earn an additional 10 point bonus; these points are only counted toward the Vanson Rookie of the Year award and are not counted as LRRS season points.           

6.     Only the top 4 finishes for each rider for each event weekend will be accumulated toward the Rookie of the Year Award points.

7.     A panel of officials will review all the candidates at the conclusion of the season and will make the determination based on the following:

      a.     Rider’s conduct with officials

      b.    Rider’s conduct and awareness of the track and race procedures.

      c.     Personal appearance, demeanor and deportment.

      d.    Sportsmanship with other riders on and off the track.

      e.     The panel may penalize any rider for any conduct that may be determined detrimental to
     LRRS, its officials, riders and attendees.

Michelin/MotoRace “Dash for Cash”:  Middleweight Grand Prix (Expert/Amateur) – The following payouts are available for placing in the designated positions:

1st place (First) Expert


2nd place (Second) Expert


3rd place (Third)Expert


4th place (Fourth) Expert


5th place (Fifth) Expert


6th place (Sixth) Expert


7th place (Seventh) Expert


8th place (Eighth)


1st place (First) Amateur


For more information on available contingencies for the 2012 Season please see the CCS/ASRA link or see Sandy McPherson in LRRS Tech:  http://www.ccsracing.us/sponsors.html

Amateur - Vanson Awards follow LRRS Year end Awards format
                        Top 5 Amatueur Riders

Expert Classes
The following Award will be paid out for Overall Championships in all classes.
$200.00 product certificate, add $100 if wearing a Vanson suit

These awards will be given out at the year’s end banquet.