2005 Loudon RoadRace Series Daily Schedule
April 23-24    May 14-15    June 11-12    June 17-19 (TBA)    July 23-24  
August 6-7    August 20-21    Sept. 3-4    Oct. 1-2    
Friday   6:00 to 7:30 PM  Registration and Tech. Inspection open.
Sat & Sun            
7;00 AM Registration and Tech. Inspection open (7:30 on Sunday)
8:00 AM Practice        
8:45 AM Registration closes      
10:00 AM Grid sheets posted      
11:00 AM Lunch break, Grid sheets final         Rookie riders meeting ( Saturday only)
11:15 AM Riders meeting      
12:00 PM Rookie race (3 laps)      
12:15 PM Race #1   Ex/Am   GTO
      Ex/Am   GTU
  Race #2   Nv   HW Supersport
  Race #3   Ex/Am   GTL
  Race #4   Nv   MW Supersport
  Race #5   Ex/Am/Nv   125 Grand Prix
  Race #6   Ex/Am   HW Superbike
  Race #7   Ex/Am   LW Grand Prix
  Race #8   Nv   LW Supersport
                                Nv   LW Sportsman
  Race #9   Ex/Am   LW Supersport
  Race #10   Ex/Am   LW Sportsman
  Race #11   Nv   MW Superbike
  Race #12   Ex/Am   UN Superbike
      Ex/Am   Thunderbike
  Race #13   Nv   Ultra Light Superbike
      Nv   Production Twins
      Nv   Super Singles
  Race #14   Ex/Am   MW Grand Prix
12:00 PM Race #1   Ex/Am   HW Supersport
      Ex/Am   Supertwins
  Race #2   Ex/Am   Ultra Light Superbike
  Race #3   Nv   GTO
      Nv   GTU
      Nv   GTL
  Race #4   Ex/Am   Production Twins
      Ex/Am   Super Singles
  Race #5   Nv   HW Superbike
      Nv   LW Grand Prix
  Race #6   Ex/Am   MW Supersport
       Race #7   Ex/Am   LW Superbike
  Race #8   Nv   MW Grand Prix
      Nv   Supertwins
  Race #9   Ex/Am   UN Supersport
  Race #10   Ex/Am   MW Superbike
  Race #11   Nv   Formula 40
      Nv   Formula Forty Lights
      Nv   Thunderbike
      Nv   LW Superbike
  Race #12   Ex/Am   Formula 40
      Ex/Am   Formula 40 Lights
  Race #13   Ex/Am   UN Grand Prix


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