LRRS Series Forms and information

1st event registration opened on March 26th
 Rulebook for 2009

Daily schedule for all events except the Classic
Daily schedule for the Classic weekend
Entry Form for Classic Weekend

no pre-entries will be accepted prior to 8:00 am on April 16

Pre-entry Time Table: First Event: April 26, Pre-entries open at 8:AM on March 26. 

On April 16 we will accept entry forms  for  all the LRRS events for the rest of the year.
Pre-Registration form for all events except the Classic   PDF    Excel   
Where and how to send your entries
Pre-Registration form for the Classic Coming soon
Minor Release form   Read paragraph 1.1 of the rulebook 
Stay Tuned
               Send Pre-entries to:
               By fax (603) 783-8323
               By Email

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These are forms you will need to use at various times during an LRRS weekend or race year.

(When you print out a form please look at the header to be sure it is for the current year. If not we messed up so please email us so that the problem can be fixed. Thanks

2009 License Form
Print all three pages so that you get the newest Medical form

NHIS 2009 Race Entry Forms

New cancellation policy for Pre-entries
You have until Wednesday of the event week to cancel entries in writing with no penalty. However, due to the volume of work involved after that time, any entries cancelled on Thursday or Friday prior to registration opening will incur a $10.00 cancellation charge. All cancellations must be in writing at any time. They cannot be cancelled with a phone call

Check out the Daily Schedule to make your weekend plans.

You will need Adobe Acrobat to download and print these forms.

If you do not already have it, click here. getacrobat.gif (712 bytes)


Directions for Parental Consent, Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement.

The waiver must be printer on a color printer. Black and white waivers will not be accepted.

If you have any questions or do not have a color printer available for use, please call LRRS:

Minor Waiver Instructions

Minor Waiver Form

cover.gif (10729 bytes)

Write It Down!

Motorcycle Road Race Record Journal

Used By The Racer Who Just Finished in Front Of You!

How Many Times have you fumbled through scraps of paper in your tool box to find your lap times and bike setup from the last time you were at a specific track?

The Race Book

The Race Book is a record journal of your progress in setting up your bike, and helps you organized the way you approach the sport.  Designed by Steve Aspland of The Penguin School with the help of Dale Quarterly and Eric Wood.

We have hundreds of riders that claim it makes life easier.   Read what was written about the book a few years ago. At each track you race at, you fill in the setup of your bike . . . sprockets, jetting, tire sizes, tire compounds, lap times and goals, motels, restaurants, expenses and so on. Click Here for pricing and delivery.

The next time you go to that track you arrive set up where you left off.  Just flip your Race Book open and there is every thing you need to know to setup your bike for that track!
Now your already ahead of the other racers and can work on more improvements.

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