Roadracing On Animal Hill! (click pics for a better look)
These pictures were supplied by Johny B. (our Pit Steward).
Check out his web sites &

On October 13-14, The USCRA set up a road course up on Loudon's Animal Hill, utilizing
the five lane parking access road and the network of smaller paved roads which criss-cross
the area. After a lot of set-up work and fine tuning of the chicanes, ten non-points paying
races were run on Sunday afternoon.

Scroll down the left side column to view a lap at speed around the track with Mark Bigelow
on the Kawasaki Mule. The other two columns contain various photos taken on Sunday.

A Lap Around The Track. Scroll Straight Down For The Full Sequence.

The Paddock

Gil Greenlaw Cornerworks

Greg Nichols Slices Through The Pit Entrance/Exit Chicane

Bob Coy Ends A Practice Session

One Of The Better Viewing Areas Around The Track

Two Familiar Names

Kerry Smith Signals Halfway.....

.....And Throws The Checkers

Roper Chases Teammate Green Through Traffic

Cathy Smith Throws The Checkers

The Sidecars Await The Starting Flag

Courts/Courts Chases Ruffo/Ruffo!

Brian Carroll And His Daughter Heather

Heather Gets A Good Look At The Pavement