Larry Hanlon gets back on the track after too many years away from it after his racing career ended
with an unfortunate accident at Loudon, with the help Of Carl McAllister and George DeCamp's track day.
Also check out our pit marshall John Butler's site and
for pictures of Larry on a side hack ride. Larry plans to get back into racing with side cars.
Larry can be found at our events working the turn 11 flag station and helping out at pregrid for the morning practice sessions.

Some pictures were supplies by UniqueAngle Photography and Fred at www

Hi Steve,

You may have already got the story about me taking Larry for a ride on the track at the Monday track day with George DeCamp. I had been thinking about doing this for some time but couldn't figure when I would be able to do it. I asked George and he thought it to be a great idea. I mentioned it to Larry and he loved the idea. My race bike blue-up on the Wed school but I had my road bike with me. I got 4 helpers to put Larry on the back of the ZX-11 and we zip tied his feet to the pegs so they wouldn't get injured. We put a strap around both of us to he was tied to me and put my extra helmet on him. I asked Betty Blue Nose to organize all the photographers to get shots of the event and Libby DeCamp to ask everyone that used to race with Larry to come onto the track with us to give him the feeling of racing with friends. She also got everyone to come to the pit and cheer for him as we went past.

I have to say that I don't ever remember feeling any better than I did while doing this. He was like having a little kid on the back for the first motorcycle ride. He was really excited and was waving to everyone. All the corner workers loved it as well. All cheering and waving to Larry. He started to slide off my right side but I was sure the strap would hold and wasn't worried. Alieta (spelling) was in the pits and was able to see him off to one side and wanted to stop us but Betty told her I had it covered and we continued. Steve DeCamp came out with a checkered flag and handed it off to Larry while we were in Turn 11 and we did one more lap with him waving the checkered.

Larry had gone out on a sidecar rig some time ago but this was his first time on two wheels. I never got to see him race but could tell by the way he moved into the corners he was feeling like he was out there again. Larry called me at my office on Tuesday to thank me and I told him I got as much out of it as he did.

Brenda from UniqueAngle Photography was nice enough to send these photo's to me.