Rest in Peace

Chris Cramer

The LRRS family lost two more good people this year. They were both long time racers. Chris worked as assistant Referee for many years and Steve designed and ran our timing and scoring system. Both assets to our group and will be missed.

Click on their pictures for more memories.

Steve Baron

RIP Don Hutchinson 1931-2014
Don Hutchinson's official title was Race Director, but he served as the heart and soul of the Northeast Motorcycle Roadracing Groups for almost 30 years. Don had teams of great people to actually run the races on the track, but the entire process is infinitely more complicated than one might imagine. Under Don's direction this all seemed to happen like magic. Don personally tracked all of the rider advancement points and championships using a computer program that he developed
Many of us remember the AAMRR, LRRS, GP Pro days of some of the best times of our lives. Don and his wife, Annie, got Bridgehampton up and running again, a true race course and great times. I feel that our greatest memories are from the great friendships and social life at the tracks. It would be fitting for us to share those memories now.
Don often joked about "going belly up in the night". Don was found in his bed where he apparently passed peacefully in his sleep. It was his birthday - he was 83

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Bob Cole Daytona 200 Monument Fund
Leo at Motorcyclist Post is trying to collect $1,000 to get an Engraved Picture Plaque in Bob Coles memory added to the Daytona 200 Memorial. Go to the Post's Donation page and during check out say in the "Add special instrutions to seller" link that your Donation is for Bob Cole. http://www.motorcyclistspost.com/Donatepage.htm

For those of you riding with LRRS who did not have the oportunatly to know Bob CLICK HERE

Information on the Daytona Memorial is also on this page for those of you who are not familiar with it.


Carl McAllister Services & Airfence Memorial

If possible ride your motorcycle to the service in Carl's memory and it you are in CT for the weekend there is a AMCA National Antique Motorcycle meet in nearby in Hebron, CT. Jerry Wood will be there and maybe a group ride can be organized  to the service.

This is a combination of a few posts all in one place, in case anyone missed them. Carl McAllister passed away recently. Carl raced with LRRS for several years and was a fixture at the racetrack for a long time. He was a good friend to many of us and was always one to add a little laughter to any situation.

The services will Saturday the 28th in Bolton, CT
(15 minutes or so from Hartford) at 1PM.

Bolton Congregational Church
228 Bolton Center Road
Bolton, CT 06043

Any and all are welcome to attend.

Airfence Memorial
I asked Aida (Carl's wife) what she would like for people who wanted to send something to the services. We talked a bit and agreed that in leiu of flowers,we are going to collect donations to donate a piece of Airfence at NHMS in Carl's memory. We have already got a start on the donations and look forward to being able to permanently leave a piece of Carl at the track that he loved.

Donations can be made here: https://secure.echoalley.com/actionfund/

Please simply note "Carl McAllister" in the notes section of the form. All donations are tax-deductible.

For those of you who may not have heard:

Bob PerkinsWe lost a good friend in mid November.

Robert "Bob" Perkins

Rest in Peace

Bob succumbed to complications in his fight to beat Cancer. He will be missed. Let's all raise a couple of beers in his memory.

Bob Perkins
#109 Bob Perkins   #27 Steve Aspland 
 #4 Dan Frisbie

Check out John Butler's "Remembering Bob Perkins" pictures http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/album.php?aid=300818&id=525824121

For those of you who are unaware, Morgan Rose (#624) was involved in a racing incident Sunday at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and was airlifted to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (a level 1 trauma center). On Monday night, with his friends and family close by, Morgan succumb to his injuries and was pronounced dead at 10:28pm.
Morgan was engaged to be married to Stephanie Moir in less than 3 months. Morgan was one of my best friends. I loved him more than words can describe. He was the glue that kept our group of friends together; someone you could count on for anything.
Life will never be the same without him.



 2008 Season banquet
click for Candid Pics from the night
(if you have any additional pictures you would like to share please email to steve@rscycles.com



CCS/LRRS/USGPRU Racer Alex Lyskawa Killed In Crash At Summit Point Raceway  - R.I.P. we will all miss you52708LYSKAWA_70px


In lieu of flowers, contributions in Alex's memory may be made to Donate Life America, 700 North Fourth St., Richmond, VA 23219. For contribution information, please visit www.donatelife.net






Donate your tires for Scott Bosworth CLICK HERE
Read about
Scott Bosworth

CLICK For more pictures
226 Riders on the track, 2006 158
Raised $5,422.05 so far

2007 MsMatch CLICK For more pictures

The LRRS family mourns the lost of an up and coming young rider to injuries sustained while practicing for the Red Bull Rookies cup at Barber Raceway in Alabama this last weekend.

We will take up collection at both riders meetings at our last event with the $$$ going to a fund in Connor's name. We will split between air fence fund and the scholarship in his name.

LaFrance was killed while practicing for a motorcross event in Alabama.




A dam bursts up the road from NHIS
Also, for those of you who have not been up on the news.... they have decided to install a new automatic cleaning system at the track in New Hampshire.



Our friend Glen Piro
before heading to Iraq
Photo by Chris Bruno

Bryan Paquette

CLICK HERE for Memories


Francis Damian Reed
CLICK HERE for Memories

I few pictures of the Sept.
2003 Endurance race.

Pictures of Ed Sandoz's
return to the track



July 2002 Party pictures

Labor Day 2002 party pictures
                 Dirt Track and Endurance

Some of Robert Dahl's pictures.

Larry Hanlon takes to the track again after too many years away.

LRRS Locals at Daytona October 2002

9/28-9/29/02 Our NEW Roof Top Parking for all those that went to bed too early Saturday night.

If you have taken the Penguin Roadracing School during the 2002 season Check out these picture taken by Action Images of Rehoboth, MA




If you would like prints of these photos or for any commercial use questions please contact:
Ken Mitchell Photography
508-885-7490 E-Mail


June 9-10, 2001

More pictures by location

2001 Champs
Benefit Days
Crash Page
T3 Chute
Turn 1
Turn 1A
Turn 2
Turn 3
Turn 4-5
Turn 6 Bowl
Turn 7
Turn 8
Turn 9
Turn 10
Turn 11-12

Pictures from "The Other Loudon".
When USCRA ran a race up on the roads in the back parking areas.
Click Here


Some interesting photos from a weekend in Homestead, Fl in December of 2000


Awards Banquet Pictures



Misc Pictures
Nick Kornfeld your starter and fan has been taking some candid pictures this year to be shared with us all. CLICK HERE for more Pictures taken by our Starter.

Some of the Don's pictures from Bridgehampton.

For those of you that never got a chance to experience the Bridgehampton raceway before it morphed into a golf course this video will give you and idea of what you missed. For those who were there it will bring back the rush.
It was filmed in a car but you will get the idea. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjRyFotFR9c

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