Formula USA weekend at NHIS

The FUSA Classes for the Loudon classic are:

Thunderbike $3,000 Purse
EX UL GP $5,000 Purse
FUSA Sportbike leg1 $11,000 purse
FUSA Sportbike leg2  
AM UL GP $1,000 purse
FUSA Superbike $5,000 purse
Team Challenge (Fri)  
100 laps GTO, GTU, GTL minimum 1 rider change Purse is $1,00 each class

You may enter with FUSA or post enter at the track


Loudon Classic Support Races

Rising Sun 250 GP $2,000 purse - $100 entry
Diablo Can Am 125GP $2,000 purse - $100 entry
EX & JR GTO Sprint $50 entry
EX & JR GTU Sprint $50 entry
Ex & JR GTL Sprint $50 Entry
AM GTO/GTU Sprint $50 Entry
AM GTL Sprint $50 entry

all of these support races will be 15Laps with timed qualifying

We also ran a Super Motard 12 lap race - $50 entry

The Motard will have timed qualifying and MIGHT include a dirt section. "MIGHT" is subject to finding a safe way to do it and permission to ruin the grass. I don't want to have to make a rule about what a motard is, so if I can get a grass section, a motard will be any Super Single that can deal with it.

We will not be awarding LRRS points, but we will have nice trophies and you can be a part of the 80th Annual Loudon Classic and have some fun. You will enter through the NHIS office. We will have forms at this  weekend's race.